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We love Breeding & Selling Tropical Fish & Shrimp!

Plecos + Catfish + Shrimp + African Cichlids + Others

We are a Tropical Fish Breeding Facility family owned selling online with over 60 years experience. We ship all over the United States. 

What we do

Long time breeders of Tropical Fish mainly Plecos, Shrimp, & African Cichlids !

African Cichlids

With colors so amazing!


Shrimp amazing colors and the way I can sit for hours watching them clean every scrap off the gravel and plants !

Lake Malawii Mbuna

Awesome how they carry their eggs and fry in there mouths to protect them!

Caradina Orange Eye Red Body Blue Shrimp

Not only amazing colors but transparent too!

Caradina Calceo Shrimp

Beautiful Red Tiger stripes, Yellow head and transparent body.


Gorgeous from Lake Tanganyika in Africa! A rock dwelling Cichlid.